Workforce management in the palm of your hand


Provides facility owners, site managers and contractors with an overview of the facility, to better assess the health of the site and identify areas of improvement at a single glance.


Provides accountability through performance audits, allowing multiple signatories to sign off digitally, and score metrics can be designed to allow for bonuses.


Increases productivity and efficiency by up to 90%, through eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring tasks are sent to the right person at the right time.

Digital transformation is

more than just cutting out paper from your operations


It means having real-time updates on the status of operations for increased productivity and accountability to make better decisions. Simpple's revolutionary ecosystem tailors to your company’s needs for cost savings and boosting profits.

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Workflow Automation

Create efficient processes that reduce communication error from manual task arrangement. Automated task updates will allow staff to better focus on their work on hand and have greater accountability.

Workflow Analytics

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An advanced dashboard that provides detailed data and analysis from feedback systems and IoT sensors to help managers make better businesses decisions for the company.

Management Dashboard

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Managers can gain real-time updates on the environment of the location and status of staff and tasks all on one dashboard for easy overview. Keep track of KPIs with digital analytics to see the trend of performance.

Issue Alert System

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Visitors and managers can raise issues via the system to be assigned to the staff for more direct delegation of work. Staff can mark the task as complete once the issue has been resolved.

Task Management

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Assign scheduled and ad-hoc tasks to the staff for completion. Once completed, staff can take a photo to mark the task as fulfilled to boost accountability.

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Facility Management

Monitor the overview of building and workforce and observe trends to move towards an output-based system.

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Eliminating Paper

Cut down on the need for paper in the company and go green with a digitalised workforce, audit and feedback system.

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Contactless System

Protect your workforce and visitors with a contactless system during COVID-19.

We Cater to Your Needs

We work closely with all our business partners to curate our programmes to best suit the needs of our client’s that is built upon their existing business practices. The result is a close-knit relationship where we put our client’s needs and future development at our top priority.

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