Contactless Facility Management

Manage your facility through technology that saves cost, increase the productivity of the current workforce and upskill your workforce through technology



Simmple empowers facility owners, site managers, and contractors with an overview of the facility, users can assess the health of the site and identify areas of improvement at a glance.



Simpple provides accountability through performance audits, multiple signatories can sign off digitally and score metrics can be designed to allow even for bonuses.



Simpple increases productivity and efficiency up to 90%, by cutting out the. Inefficiencies in communication and by ensuring tasks are sent to the right person at the right time.

Our Mission

To be a single unified platform to link all Environmental services technologies 

Our Story

The Environmental services has been encountering sever manpower shortages, rising wages and demands. SIMPPLE was born out of a need to address these problems by being a unified solution to maximise productivity, upskill workers and analyse data for predictive maintenance. 

Our Vision

To provide an exponential increase in productivity and cost savings




The Simpple integrated facilities management ecosystem is focused on facilities management. It allows facility managers, supervisors and workers an incredible way to manage their site through data analytics and enhance overall productivity through workforce management. Simpple’s full suite of integrated technologies generate substantial cost savings over the traditional model of disparate software systems and its proprietary technology greatly improves performance and productivity.

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Simpple Cockpit

Utilising the analytical tools from Microsoft PowerBI, Simpple Cockpit gives facility managers the exceptional ability to monitor their sites in real-time from a user-friendly dashboard. The nature of the Simpple Cockpit platform allows other existing FM technologies such as robots, smart toilet management systems and sensors to seamlessly integrate through APIs. Facility managers will then be able to easily view the health status of all their sites from one single dashboard.

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Simpple Attendance

A sub-set of Simpple Operations, Simpple Attendance uses password and facial recognition technology for 2-factor authentication. Simpple Attendance not only replaces manual timesheets at sites, but also automatically consolidates worker’s attendance for task assignment so that tasks are sent out accurately to workers on site.

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Unique Staff


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Staff Performance Report

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Automated Task Allocations

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Task Reports



Simpple Operations

Simpple Operations is the workforce management component or ‘heart’ of the Simpple Ecosystem. Simpple Operations utilizes the Simpple in-built messaging app (or optional WhatsApp) to alert workers and 3rd party contractors of scheduled or outstanding tasks at hand. Simpple Operations has the following features:

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Simpple comprises of an audit feature purposely designed and built to greatly assist supervisors in conducting audits. Simpple Audits are customised for each site to:

  • Calculate scores based on requirements

  • Date & time stamp pictures with annotations

  • Generate reports with Geo-location

  • Capture signatures for immediate accountability

  • Scheduled and Joint inspections

  • Task completion acknowledgments

  • Automated task ticketing to internal/external contractors 

Simpple Audit

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Simpple Feedback

Simpple Feedback uses QR codes to complete a myriad of tasks, like:

  • Feedback System - For members of public to easily provide feedback.

  • Digital Toilet Card - Record cleaner’s attendance and feedback for improvements

  • Location tags for Simpple Audit Forms - QR Code for ease of use and verification

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Some of our clients
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Listen to what they say!

Managing the daily hospital operations to ensure all areas meet to the highest hygiene and cleanliness standard is not an easy task. With the support from Simpple digital solution, we are able to improve and enhance our daily operations. Before adopting Simpple, we had a lot of paperwork for inspection and audit records. We also encountered difficulties in tracking & update the uninspected beds/wards. After using Simpple to conduct digital inspections, we reduce the amount of paperwork and improve productivity. Simpple allows us to store and retrieve reports for many months. This is an enhancement for the business process.

Paul Cheok

Officer - Environmental Services
Gleneagles Hospital

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