Leverage on the Internet of Things to change scheduled cleaning to on-demand cleaning.

Simpple is an end-to-end, full-cycle, closed-loop Smart Toilet Management Solution that saves up to 35% time, labour and consumables.

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Time Saved

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Monitor Cleanliness

Monitor the quality of toilets through a series of sensors to detect problems or anomalies. This eliminates the need for random spot checks, allowing for more effective work distribution.

Feedback & Audit

Maintain a high level of cleanliness in your toilets by collecting user feedback in real time. The Simpple Feedback QR code is easy to implement in all toilets without the need for costly and disruptive installation. It can also be used by the cleaners to digitally check-in, and for supervisors to carry out audit.

Data Collection

Data collected from all sensor and feedback modules in real-time will be processed by Simpple ecosystem to make the appropriate decisions.

Real Time Notification & Analytics

The processed data is instantly sent to cleaners to inform them of a new task to be carried out. Cleaners will be able to update on the ecosystem once the task has been completed. Backend tracking allows for close monitoring of quality of toilets at a glance.