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Solutions for Smart Toilets

Simpple makes it easier to clean and maintain your toilets using IoT! With an intelligent combination of toilet sensors, feedback system and workforce automation, switch over to outcome based management to give you the best results and be cost-effective in the process.

Toilet Mgmt-01.jpg

IoT Sensors

Managers can gain real-time updates on the environment of the location and status of staff and tasks all on one dashboard for easy overview. Keep track of KPIs with digital analytics to see the trend of performance. Our platform allows other existing FM technologies to seamlessly integrate through APIs.

Feedback System

Visitors can raise issues via the feedback system by scanning the QR code. Managers can assign the tasks to the staff for a direct delegation of work. Cleaners can also use the same QR code to record the cleaner’s attendance and feedback for improvements. Managers doing audits can use the same QR code as location tags for ease of use and verification. With Simpple QR Feedback, costly installations of feedback panels & manual consolidation of toilet cards will be a thing of the past. Protect visitors and staff with a contactless system, minimising the risk of contamination.

Cleaner Schedule

With the data mined from IoT sensors, managers can study trends to understand the health of the toilets to make the best business decision for the company and move towards an output-based system. 


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